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    Reposting here because it’s too cool not to share.

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  3. On the grid post race bathurst

  4. ijasonbright:

    Shot from on the grid yesterday before #gc600 action part 1! #V8SC

  5. musicwithoutoxygen:

    Lowndes on track for his top 10 shootout #GC600 #V8SC @craiglowndes888 @redbullracingau @v8supercars (at Gold Coast 600)

  6. musicwithoutoxygen:

    That’s on the track right? #GC600 #V8SC @jcourtney01 @officialholdenracingteam @v8supercars (at Gold Coast 600)

  7. gummyfangirl:

    I have not posted anything about the wonderful cher lloyd so here

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  8. Great days racing, red bull solid as always and good on fpr

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  10. savethepopulati0n:

    James Courtney, Holden Racing Team.

    Winton Motor Raceway, 25.08.13

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  12. rockcandypassion:

    I’m quite happy with this photo of Sydney Harbour I managed to take on the plane c:

  13. forekomst:

    Cronulla Beach - Sydney, Australia

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  14. bring-on-the-night:

    Harbour Bridge, Sydney

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